World Vision Says it’s Not Smart to Fight Terrorism by Cutting Aid

“It’s not smart to fight terrorism by cutting aid,” World Vision Australia’s Chief Advocate Tim Costello said today.

Mr Costello warned continuing cuts to Australian aid will only further undermine impoverished communities and is not the way to fight terrorism.

He was responding to media reports that the aid budget will be cut in order to boost funding for the fight on terrorism.

“It’s shouldn’t be an either or,” he said.

“We need to fight terrorism and one of the best ways is to deploy our aid to build resilience in our region.”

“Australia’s aid investments are good for Australia’s security as they play an essential role in supporting peace, stability and prosperity,” said Mr Costello.

“It makes no sense at all to cut aid and undermine long-term efforts to build stability and resilience at a time when the world needs our support more than ever.”

“In today's deeply interconnected world, Australia's national interest is best served when our region - and the world - is peaceful and prosperous.”

“Making further cuts only undermines Australia’s credibility on the world stage.”

“The UK has recognised the pivotal role of aid in contributing to its diplomatic and security interests and has enshrined their commitment in law.  Australia is doing the opposite if we are cutting from world’s poorest.”

“Deeper cuts to a historically low foreign aid budget would be extremely short-sighted and irresponsible.”

World Vision Australia awaits further details in tomorrow’s budget.

“This is not a diversion – this is a cut.”

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