World Vision responding to deadly floods in the Philippines

UPDATED August 8, 2012:International humanitarian agency World Vision is preparing relief aid for 50,000 people in the wake of deadly floods in the Philippines, while torrential rain continues to inundate the capital, Manila.

A mass evacuation of about 250,000 people is underway as Manila struggles to cope with what could be its worst inundation since Tropical Storm Ketsana left the city under water three years ago.

It is estimated more than one million people have been affected, and more than 50 people have died since Typhoon Saola hit last week. Rains are expected to continue for the next two days.

World Vision has deployed a rapid response team that is working with local authorities to assess the damage, and respond to the immediate and urgent demand for aid. The aid organisation is already in a position to provide relief for 10,000 families.

A determined local refuses to concede defeat as floodwaters in Manila continue to rise. Photograph: Aaron Aspi 

A determined local refuses to concede defeat in the face of rising floodwaters. Picture: Aaron Aspi

World Vision staff member Minnie Portales says roads around Manila are flooded and 90 per cent of the city is under water, but staff are nonetheless working with local authorities to meet emergency needs.

World Vision Australia head of Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Anthea Spinks says staff in the Philippines have global support to make sure people in need are helped.

“I am deeply saddened by the numbers of people killed or displaced in the Philippines,” says Ms Spinks. “World Vision is working to deliver immediate aid to the affected areas, to relieve suffering and hopefully stem potential outbreaks of disease.”

World Vision staff in the Philippines are working with local authorities to deliver food and other essential items, such as blankets, containers for water collection, soap, cooking fuel and utensils.

There is a great risk of water-borne diseases breaking out during flooding, so access to adequate shelter, water and sanitation is pivotal in the early stages of an emergency response. World Vision water and sanitation experts are available if they are needed. 

World Vision currently supports over 6900 children in Manila, Malabon and Zambales, although no children sponsored by Australians have been reported affected.

Donations to the Emergency Preparedness Fund help World Vision prepare for disasters, including floods. Donate at or by calling 13 32 40.


For an interview with World Vision staff in the Philippines or for more information, please contact Kate Rose on 0418 528 683

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