World Vision Australia commended for transparent reporting

The nation’s largest aid agency, World Vision Australia, was last night commended for the openness of its reporting and was announced the winner of the 2009 PricewaterhouseCoopers Transparency Awards. 

The Transparency Awards were introduced to Australia in 2007 and judge the quality and transparency of reporting in the not-for-profit sector. 

“We know transparency improves governance and minimises corruption here and in the developing world,” World Vision’s CEO Tim Costello said. 

“World Vision Australia is dedicated to accurate and truthful reporting because it means the public can better understand how their donations are being used to fight poverty. It also means better results for the poor.” 

World Vision’s report publications include its Annual Program Review, Annual Report and Annual Evaluation Review, which are available to the public at all times. 

“Our comprehensive annual reports talk about our achievements and failures, analyse our performance and discuss what we have learned along the way,” Mr Costello said. 

“The reports list executive salaries and are up front about programs that have struggled or not worked. 

“World Vision understands the importance of transparency and the role it plays in building trust with the public and with our partners in the developing world. We will continue to further improve the quality of our reporting.” 

The Transparency Awards are supported by the PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation, The Centre for Social Impact and The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. 

World Vision Australia will receive $20,000 towards the training and development of its staff. 

Mr Costello thanked the Award organisers for their leadership in promoting better reporting in the not-for-profit sector and said the award money would be re-invested to further improve governance and transparency across the global World Vision partnership. 


Tim Costello is available for media interviews. 

Media contact: Sacha Myers, World Vision media officer, on 0457 926 018.

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