On World Food Day, skip the supermarket and cook with what you have: World Vision

On World Food Day (Tuesday October 16th), World Vision is asking Australians to give the supermarket a miss and instead make their meals using what is already in the cupboard and fridge.

"We are always reaching into the veggie bin at the bottom of the fridge and finding sorry looking carrots and wilted lettuce. Today we're asking people to get in early and use what's available before it goes to waste,” said World Vision’s Dominic McInerney.

“Each year the developed world is wasting almost as much food as sub-Saharan Africa produces. There is enough food in the world to feed everyone, but we need to be more aware of how we value food,” said Mr McInerney.

“Stretching ourselves in the kitchen and using what you already have is a great way of doing that.”

“Australians throw out 4.45 million tonnes of food every year. Bypassing the supermarket for a day and working with what we already have is a nice, simple way to remind ourselves of the value of food.”

“No food should survive past its use-by date. World Food Day is the perfect time to reach for the back of the cupboard and put good food to good use.”

For options on how to spend the money saved at the supermarket, how about the gift of fruit trees for a family living in a developing country, just $35? Or chickens and eggs to help provide children and families with a good source of protein and income, just $10? Visit worldvision.com.au/gifts


Dominic McInerney is available for interview: 0428 584 809.  


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