More needed from Australian Government in fight against killer diseases

Aid agency World Vision has welcomed the renewed Australian Government financial commitment to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, but expressed its disappointment at the size of the increase.

"The announcement of $210 million dollars over three years is a 55% increase on previous Australian Government pledges to the Global Fund which is to be applauded, ," said Martin Thomas, World Vision Head of Advocacy.

"Yet this commitment still represents less than half of Australia's fair share to the Global Fund. Even an appropriate amount - $170 million per year - would be just over 1% of the aid budget.

"At a time when the spotlight is on aid effectiveness, the Global Fund has been a stunning success. It is coordinated, it is evidence-based, and it is working. Australia should be properly supporting this very effective organisation, which carries the main responsibility for the world's three leading infectious diseases," said Mr Thomas.

The Global Fund has played a central role in providing treatment for 5 million people with HIV and AIDS. Malarial infection rates in many countries have halved, and millions of people with tuberculosis have received effective treatment. Since its inception the Global Fund has prevented approximately 5.7 million deaths.

Martin Thomas is available for interview.

Media contact: Dominic McInerney on 0428 584 809.

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