Kids giving up for global poverty

World Vision estimates that tomorrow 350,000 young Aussies will take part in one of the country’s longest running fundraising events, the 40 Hour Famine. 

Officially kicking off at 8pm on Friday 21 August and finishing at 12 noon on Sunday 23, participants are encouraged to give up something important to them for the duration of forty hours raising money and awareness for a worthy cause. 

The 40 Hour Famine has once again highlighted to World Vision what young people deem to be important to them, and are willing to sacrifice for the fight against global poverty. 

“It is encouraging to know that young people want to help make a difference by getting involved with solutions to global issues. As the future custodians of this earth the younger generations are motivated to eradicate poverty and by taking part in the 40 Hour Famine they are taking a step in the right direction,” said World Vision CEO, Tim Costello.

Although many have taken the traditional 40 Hour Famine path, giving up food there has also been an increase in creative sacrifices like giving up the use of limbs, using transport, furniture and going without all technology. Also popular in 2009, many participants are giving up talking for forty hours in support of those affected by poverty who do not have a voice to speak up for their own circumstances. 

The Global Food Crisis has been chosen as the focus of this year’s 40 Hour Famine. Funds raised by Aussie’s will go towards supplying emergency food aid, contribute to developing and investing in sustainable agriculture and for income generating projects in poor communities helping to increase access to food and water. 

The Global Food Crisis is affecting almost one billion people who do not have enough food to eat across 33 countries worldwide. Reasons for its rapid growth in severity particularly over the past twelve months has been due to various factors including; climate change, rising food prices, rapidly growing populations and the increasing use of biofuels. 

“The Global Food Crisis is the other ‘GFC’ that is devastating poor communities around the world. The poor generally spend between 70–80% of their income on food. Food prices in some cases have doubled, therefore families cannot buy enough to eat,” said Mr. Costello. 

During the weekend of the 40 Hour Famine young people are encouraged to get together with other participants from their school, church group and family, or simply take part as individuals raising money for this worthy issue. 

Hoyts cinema will also be showing their support for World Vision by hosting the 40 Hour Famine Film Festival over the weekend for participants and supporters. By wearing a 40 Hour Famine t-shirt, presenting a ‘famine’ ID number or receipt Hoyts customers will receive movie deals. Hoyts will also be offering special screenings of the film, ‘Amazing Grace’ at selected locations. 

The 40 Hour Famine will takes place nationally from 21 – 23 August. To register, purchase 40 Hour Famine merchandise or for further information visit 


Note: 40 Hour Film Festival ticket offer will take place at Hoyts cinema’s across Australia excluding Queensland. 

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