Hi-5 joins World Vision in the fight to end poverty for children

Australia’s largest international aid and development agency, World Vision, has announced children’s entertainment group Hi-5 as their newest ambassadors. 

World Vision works with the world’s poorest communities, improving the lives of children impacted by poverty and Hi-5, as one of Australia’s leading children’s entertainment groups, is also concerned with ensuring happiness for young people worldwide. 

Hi-5 cast members Lauren Brant, Casey Burgess, Fely Irvine, Tim Maddren and Stevie Nicholson feel honoured to support World Vision’s work, and recently were invited to spend time at a development project in the Philippines. 

While in Asia on a promotional tour, the Hi-5 cast alongside World Vision representatives spent the day with children and their families who benefit from the World Vision child sponsorship program. 

During the day the cast were introduced to the realities of poverty while visiting a rubbish site where children live with their families collecting recyclable items for money. The Hi-5 cast were extremely moved by the spirit of the children and - despite language barriers - the entertainers sang, danced and played games with young people, reinforcing their passion for fighting poverty. 

World Vision CEO, Tim Costello commented on the new partnership: “World Vision welcomes Hi-5 as ambassadors and looks forward to working with them, helping to educate the next generation on the issues associated with global poverty. As positive role models, Hi-5 will also be informing Australian families on how they too can make a real difference improving the lives of children in poor communities.” 

“The United Nations reports that the number of children dying each year has reduced. Progress is being made. However with interventions 60 per cent of these child deaths are preventable. With the support of ambassadors like Hi-5, the help of ordinary Australians and governments, World Vision will be able to further reduce the rates of child mortality caused by poverty,” added Mr Costello. 

While in the Philippines the Hi-5 cast recognised the undeniable difference between areas where World Vision had sustainable development programs in place and those where they have yet to access. Visiting a local school that World Vision supports, speaking to students and teachers the cast members were encouraged that education is very much key to eliminating poverty and highly regarded within the community. 

On returning from the trip to the Philippines the Hi-5 cast said, “Every child deserves the right to be a child, to run, play, sing, dance and be silly. We are incredibly thankful that there is a team from World Vision who never give up, and every day are doing everything they can to help one child at a time. By providing them with clean water, food, shelter and an education, children have a truly honest chance to use their knowledge and build a life well beyond poverty.”

“We are honoured to be apart World Vision and feel so privileged to have spent this day in the Philippines, to play and laugh with the children and to see the difference World Vision and generous Australians have made within this region. The problem is overwhelming, but there is hope as well. By making the easy decision to be a part of World Vision’s mission, you really can make a difference.”

As the Hi-5 cast members settle into their role as World Vision ambassadors they will continue to learn about issues affecting children and promote the work World Vision does through child sponsorship and the Smiles charitable gifts catalogue. 

World Vision, CEO Tim Costello and Hi-5 are available for interview. 

For further information you can visit www.worldvision.com.au and www.hi-5.com.au 

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