End the suffering on Nauru:World Vision

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World Vision Australia | For immediate release: Thursday, November 1, 2018

End the suffering on Nauru: World Vision

World Vision CEO Claire Rogers has called on the government to immediately end the suffering of the children trapped on Nauru and bring them to Australia without delay.

 “If the Australian Government’s genuine about removing the children from Nauru, why not book the flights and bring the children to safety today?” Rogers said.

 Ms Rogers said that despite today’s headlines the Morrison Government was still saying one thing and doing another.

 “Instead of concentrating on getting the kids off, our government is heading to court tomorrow to fight against lifesaving medical evacuations for these children. “Their actions belies their words.

 Of the 38 children still on the island, at least five are considered suicidal, and others need urgent medical care. This includes toddlers who show anxious, nervous or aggressive behaviour and suffer skin diseases and other developmental and health issues.

 “The cruel and inhumane conditions of their captivity is literally making these children sick. Often their parents are mentally and physically ill, which makes it a struggle for them to give the care their children so desperately need. Why should this vicious circle go on for even one more day?”

 In the past week, 41 families have been brought to Australia, a move that Rogers calls ‘long overdue.’

 “Five years is an incredibly long time in any child’s life.  Stop the political game. Let’s get these kids here now, so they can begin the normal, healthy childhood that is every child’s birthright, and that we expect for our own children.

 “It is in the government’s power to end the suffering and get the kids off Nauru.” 

 World Vision Australia launched the Kids Off Nauru campaign in August, with other humanitarian and refugee advocacy groups, calling for all the children and their families to be brought to Australia by Universal Children’s Day, November 20, for resettlement here or in a suitable third country that welcomes them.

 For more information or for interview with Claire Rogers, please contact:

Mary-Louise O’Callaghan 0427413816


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