Australians kept in the dark about Nauru kids

Six out of 10 Australians were unaware that refugee children are being detained on Nauru, according to a poll commissioned by Australia’s largest humanitarian agency, World Vision.

The poll conducted by Essential Research earlier this month, shows 60 per cent of those questioned thought there were either no children detained on Nauru or they were not sure. This is despite a number of the 112 children currently on Nauru having been born there and others living in the camps for up to five years.

World Vision and a coalition of humanitarian and refugee advocacy groups last week launched a campaign to call for the Australian Government to get the #KidsOffNauru, to resettle the children and their families by Universal Children’s Day, November 20.

“We have started the clock,” World Vision Australia CEO Claire Rogers said. “Time is ticking to evacuate the children and have them resettled either here or in a third country that welcomes them.”

“It is heartbreaking that Australia’s political leaders have kept these children out of sight and mind of most Australians, who are increasingly shocked to learn about the conditions these children continue to endure. But now the light has been shone on the faces of these children. They and their families deserve to start their new lives with certainty as soon as possible.”

The poll also revealed:

  • 60 per cent of Australians believed no matter what the reason that children didn’t deserve to be detained on Nauru and 66 per cent agreed indefinitely detaining children on Nauru was cruel and damaging to their health and welfare.
  • Almost half of those surveyed believed it seemed like the Australian Government was trying to hide the truth about children detained on Nauru.
  • 57 per cent of the respondents said they wanted Australian politicians to urgently prioritise getting the children off Nauru.
  • 45 per cent said they would support a brand or company that speaks out in favour of getting children off Nauru.

Already, more than 137 organisations and more than 60,000 individual Australians have signed up to the call to get #KidsOffNauru.

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Picture: "George" is one of the 112 refugee children trapped on Nauru. His family has been detained there for five years.  

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