Australians can give the gift of letting kids be kids this Christmas

Australians can give the gift of letting kids be kids this Christmas

Monday, 1 December 2014

This Christmas World Vision is encouraging Australians to help protect vulnerable children from poverty and exploitation so they can enjoy the freedom all children should enjoy – of just being kids.

For some Australians, Christmas can be a time of celebration, family and giving but so many families around the world are forced to go without basic necessities such as food, clean drinking water, healthcare and proper shelter.

World Vision Australia’s chief executive, Tim Costello, asked that as Australians come together with friends and family this festive season, they keep in mind the 50 million[1] people who are currently displaced because of conflict as well as those battling the crippling effects of poverty. 

“The suffering of people living in conflict zones such as Syria and South Sudan rightfully grabs our attention, however let’s also remember the often unspoken suffering of people living in poverty, including the 168 million children around the world who are forced to work as child labourers in countries like India, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Indonesia,” Mr Costello said. 

“This Christmas, I urge Australians to give generously to help let these kids be kids.” 

Amidst the joys of Christmas, Australians have also shared their frustrations at this time, with 69 per cent of people surveyed by McCrindle Research identifying commercialism as one of their top three Christmas gripes alongside overcrowded shopping centres and the pressure to buy presents. 

World Vision’s Director of Marketing, Matt Davis, said that by supporting World Vision this Christmas, Australians could alleviate two out of the three concerns. 

“Some parents grapple with finding the right balance between making Christmas a day to remember and satisfying their children’s present requests, with teaching them the values of giving and the great need that exists in the world,” Mr Davis said. 

“By supporting World Vision, people will be helping some of the world’s most at-risk children and their communities and at the same time helping to counter the mass commercialism that can seem overwhelming at Christmas.” 

There are a number of ways Australians can get involved with World Vision this Christmas, including: 

  • Buying a gift from World Vision’s Christmas Gift Catalogue 
  • Sponsoring a child Donating to World Vision’s Child Rescue program which helps to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable and exploited children
  • Giving to World Vision’s Syria or South Sudan emergency appeals 

To buy a World Vision Christmas Gift, sponsor a child or donate to World Vision’s Child Rescue or emergency appeals visit or call 13 32 40. 

Media contact: Jessica Ciccotelli – 0402 971 225 /

Tamara Blackmore - 0403 894 558 /

[1] Source: United Nations 2014

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