Australia’s vaccine boost for PNG and Timor-Leste shows the world how it should be done

World Vision Australia (WVA) has welcomed the Australian Government’s ongoing support for Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea, hailing its leadership and generosity as an example to the rest of the world.

World Vision Australia CEO Daniel Wordsworth said Australia continued to show that it is a generous and caring nation.

“We have seen a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases in Papua New Guinea. From only a handful of cases in January and February, to an alarming spike throughout March and into April,” Mr Wordsworth said.

“Very low testing rates coupled with high positive test results means we are looking at an increasingly dire situation right on Australia’s doorstop. We are also increasingly concerned about a spike in COVID-19 cases in Timor-Leste following the devastation of Cyclone Seroja.

“There is a very real risk of the virus spreading more rapidly within Dili’s 40 evacuation centres, which are housing between 7000 and 10,000 people,” he warned. “This latest assistance of 10,000 vaccine doses a week, coupled with the $7 million relief package for Timor-Leste, is an act of friendship and leadership in our region.

“Australia has again shown that it is a caring nation. Its generosity and refusal to indulge in vaccine nationalism are an example to the rest of the world. I also applaud the Government’s courage – in a world where vaccine nationalism and inward looking are a regrettable, yet understandable, response, Australia has extended a hand of friendship, care and generosity to its neighbours.”

World Vision Australia has been working with its National Offices in PNG, in Timor-Leste and across the Pacific since the start of the pandemic to respond to countries’ immediate needs through our existing programs

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  • World Vision has been partnering with communities in the region for over 45 years and have national offices in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Timor Leste
  • World Vision Australia is the largest development and aid NGO in the country and the Australian Government’s largest NGO partner through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program


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