When disaster strikes, World Vision is among the first ones there to help Australians deliver humanitarian aid. But unlike other organisations, we stay, even after the emergency units are gone.
By sponsoring a child, Australians like you can bring life-changing support to those who need it most. Through proven education, health and livelihood programs, you can help empower children to rebuild their lives and transform their futures – for the long-haul.

Help bring lasting change to a child in need

Father holding a photo frame of sponsor child next to his daughter and son

Watching her grow from timid child to empowered teen

Madison, Shane and Kane sponsor Antoinette from Chad. “We've watched her grow up from a very little girl to a teenager,” said Shane. “Giving her that opportunity to lead a healthy life and actually be able to grow up and go to school, have fresh water … and to see her now as a teenager is really, really rewarding.” 

two photos of a Zambian boy at the age of 7 and 16

Lightwell now teaches other children to read
When he was seven, Lightwell couldn’t read as there were not enough teachers and resources in his village. Then he joined a World Vision reading camp and has never looked back. Now 16, Lightwell teaches other children to read. “I want to become a teacher when I finish school,” he says. “I love reading because it can help me better my future.” 

Be the first to sponsor in these new areas

We have opened 12 new projects where children are waiting for an Australian sponsor. Choose from communities in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Nepal and more.
A brand new project means a brand new opportunity for you to start helping from the very beginning. Be the first to support these children as they journey towards a brighter future.
Two young girls hugging and smiling in classroom

Your sponsorship will bring lasting change to children in poverty 

Every 60 seconds

a hungry child is fed

Over 4.5 million children

in 37 countries were provided with education in 2022

3 million people

gained access to clean water including 1,534 schools

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When you sponsor a child, you provide them with child protection and empower them through education. 

How does child sponsorship work? 

For $48 a month, you get to create a real connection with a child, and support them through a range of development programs.