Support Indigenous communities through World Vision’s Australia program

"Here in Australia we have our own people; it’s our own country. We must feel linked to our Indigenous people.”

Longtime World Vision supporter Carol Moore has sponsored children around the world, including Vietnam and South Africa, since the sixties. Yet when she learnt about World Vision's Australia Program, she decided to extend her support closer to home. “I just felt that it would be a wise decision. [There are] issues here within the Australian community such as health needs, education needs, employment needs.”

Drawing on more than 60 years of international development experience, World Vision understands each community is different and has specific needs. In Australia, we work alongside Indigenous communities to empower local people to drive change.

These partnerships begin when the team is invited to work with the communities. They draw on community vision and capacity to support the care and development of strong, healthy and happy children, while the communities lead their own development and build on their strengths.

Moore did her own research into the Australia Program and witnessed firsthand the difference her donation made when she visited a project in Alice Springs. “I won’t give a donation to any organisation unless I fully research where the money is going and how it’s going to be used. We are thrilled that the money in World Vision is going on projects [which] to us has a more far reaching effect, long-lasting effect.”

Like Moore, Australians may not be aware of how they can support the Indigenous community through the World Vision’s Australia Program, yet there are many ways to get involved. There is a comprehensive World Vision blog where field workers offer an insight into the many projects happening around the world, including Australia. These everyday heroes and humanitarians support those living in poverty or who have had their lives changed by dramatic events.

World Vision Australia is on FacebookTwitterInstagram or YouTube for social media fans.

Yet the most significant way to offer support to the Australia Program is with a single or regular donation. The donation page is an easy way to support Indigenous Australians as they work towards change for the better.

World Vision takes privacy protection seriously. Information provided is used to inform supporters about their work and process sponsorships, donations or subscriptions as requested. They don’t rent, sell or exchange information without permission. For further information, please refer to World Vision’s privacy policy.

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