Young Mongolian potato champ sets example for grown ups

How do you turn 10 potatoes into 185? Follow the advice of 10-year-old Jugderjamts from Mongolia.

He recently won the “10 potatoes” challenge staged by World Vision in his community to encourage children and their parents to grow their own produce.

In this challenge, school children are given 10 seed potatoes and advice on how to grow their own potato crop.

Jugderjamts was excited with his win and thankful for his mum’s advice to plant his seed potatoes in rows so they would be easier to look after. As part of the process, this grade 5 student and his peers learned how to make organic fertiliser with cow dung and how to protect their crop from harsh winter weather. 

“I learnt lot of things,” he said, reflecting on the experience. “I will take part again next year.”   

As winner of the challenge, Jugderjamts was interviewed on local TV. He was also awarded with a trip to a well-known children’s recreation centre near the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator, along with his best friend who came second. 

The potato growing challenge is one of many World Vision activities designed to encourage and support Mongolian families to grow their own nutritious vegetables and take better care of the natural environment.