Food aid helps create a brighter future for Laker

Today Laker is a happy, playful child. But hers might be a very different story if not for the monthly food rations her family has received through World Vision.

Laker lives with her adopted family in a displacement camp in northern Uganda. To eat, they have been dependent on food rations from the United Nations World Food Programme. The monthly rations are distributed by World Vision.

Laker was abandoned by her parents in the displacement camp. Molly and her husband Samuel accepted Laker into their family even though they were struggling themselves and dependent on food aid to survive.

Their rations sustained them through many difficult months until they were able to grow their own food in a community garden.

"World Vision really helped us a lot," Molly says. When family members fell ill and could not tend the garden or earn money to buy the food they needed, food aid was still available.

Despite her difficult beginnings, Laker has become a happy, playful little girl with energy to dance, laugh and dream of the future. “I want to be a doctor when I grow up,” she says. “They help my mother. I want to help people too.”

During 2009, World Vision aims to distribute food rations to more than 66,000 people living in displacement camps in northern Uganda. People living just like Laker and her family.

You can support this life-saving work by donating to our Multiplying Gift Appeal. Your donation will be multiplied 10 times to deliver life-saving food.