No matter where you are in Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or anywhere in between - you have the opportunity to get involved with us through one of our exciting events. 

Fundraising events

Some of our largest events are:

  • The 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge, which started in 1975 and remains one of Australia's largest youth charity events. By joining the challenge, you'll commit to living out of your backpack with nothing but the essentials for 40 hours. Learn about the refugee and displaced persons crisis around the world and begin to understand what it's like to leave almost everything behind. 
  • Global 6K for Water, a six kilometre fun run or walk that raises money to provide clean water to vulnerable communities. This event is held internationally, meaning you'll unite with thousands of others to turn the tide for people who need it most.
  • Youth Conference, a one-day immersive event for student leaders, designed to inspire and empower young people to create positive global change. 

See our work firsthand

We also host travel events, so that you can see the life-changing work we are doing with vulnerable communities around the world. This includes the opportunity to visit your sponsored child. Find out more about how you can visit your sponsored child.  

For more information call us on 13 32 40 or chat with us live on our website now. 

Upcoming events