Global poverty and Christian social engagement forum videos

The Global Poverty and Christian Social Engagement forum was held in Sydney in 2012. The key speakers were:

  • Rev Dr John Dickson (Director of the Centre for Public Christianity)
  • Rev Steve Chong (Senior Pastor at Kirkplace Presbyterian)
  • Dr Jayakumar Christian (National Director - World Vision India)
  • Rev Tim Costello (National Director - World Vision Australia)

The talks are excellent resources for Upper Secondary students in Christian Studies looking to explore Christian ethics and social engagement. The talks by John Dickson and Steve Chong include worksheet PDFs (below) that may be used during and/or after watching the video.

John Dickson - The history and biblical basis of Christian social engagement (20.06)

Steve Chong - Before and after (13.04)

Dr Jayakumar Christian - Poverty is about people bleeding (25.10)

Tim Costello - Being a humanitarian (12.53)

Global Poverty forum Q and A (40.22)