GC Disasters 2011 cover

The world is facing disasters on a record scale – since 2000, disasters have killed an average of 98,000 people each year and destroyed the livelihoods of millions more. This issue explores the difference between hazards and disasters, and their social, economic and environmental impacts. It also examines ways that humans prepare for disasters and the roles of non-government organisations and media in responding to disasters. This issue includes images and activities on a range of disasters including Cyclone Yasi, the 2010 Pakistan floods and Haiti earthquake, the 2011 Japanese tsunami and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.


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Haiti - 3 Months On (2.12)

What do you really need to survive? (2.38)

Communities need to be rebuilt in Pakistan (1.47)

Animated film clips explaining how different types of natural disasters occur, and some of their impacts, are available at:

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