Targeted solutions

Young people require a wide range of learning opportunities for participation in social, civic and economic life.

A holistic approach to youth disadvantage

Youth unemployment is a highly complex phenomenon. Implementing programs that enable youth to gain the skills, attitudes, behaviours and perceptions needed to break the cycle of poverty before reaching adulthood is a challenge.

Research suggests that economic empowerment activities targeting young people, such as vocational and business development training, should be integrated into programs that develop a positive self-identity, life and work readiness skills. Evidence shows a clear connection between holistic programs that foster the development of these skills and positive life outcomes in the labour market, family life, conflict resolution, civic engagement and health behaviours.

This is what the Involvement, Motivation, Participation, Action, Community, Teens (IMPACT) Club model – targeting adolescents aged 12-17 years – and the Skills and Knowledge for Youth Economic Empowerment (SKYE) Club model – targeting youth aged 18-26 years – is designed to accomplish.


The IMPACT Club and SKYE Club models provide young people with access to age-appropriate, context-relevant education and skills training which lays the foundation for them to take advantage of economic opportunities and have greater control over their lives. 


IMPACT Clubs provide adolescents aged 12-17 with opportunities to develop skills in active citizenship, leadership, employability and entrepreneurship.

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SKYE Clubs

Through SKYE Clubs, young adults aged 18-26 gain the skills, behaviours and attitudes they need to develop sustainable livelihoods and participate constructively in their communities.

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The global youth employment crisis

Youth in many communities where World Vision works lack access to the education and employment opportunities they need to successfully transition to adulthood.

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Our expertise

World Vision is in a unique position to build upon our investments in children's development as they transition through youth to adulthood.

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