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The IMPACT Club project model is an integrated approach to adolescent engagement that fosters the skills, behaviours and attitudes necessary for their improved participation in the social, civic and economic life of their communities. 

Target group

Adolescents aged 12-17

Suitable contexts

Urban and rural

Project length

Four years

500 adolescents, 3,000 estimated indirect beneficiaries over the life of a project

Training cycle

42 months, with one training cycle per four year project


US $205,000

IMPACT Club facilitator with experience in experiential education methodologies and positive adolescent development.


Community service-learning projects

IMPACT Club members undertake 2-3 projects each year, and each project is increasingly complex, delves deeper into community issues, and elicits greater leadership, project management and business development skills.

These projects are the model’s main learning tool and help adolescents bring social change to their community, and apply skills learned in meetings to consolidate new behaviours and life skills.


IMPACT Club meetings

 IMPACT Clubs are groups of 10-25 adolescents who meet weekly to have fun, learn and serve their community together. Club members identify community problems, brainstorm possible solutions, identify community resources, and plan and implement community service-learning projects.

Volunteer IMPACT Club leaders are selected from the community. The leaders use a curriculum based on experiential learning methodologies to help the adolescents develop skills in active citizenship, leadership, employability and entrepreneurship.

World Vision supports the clubs by hiring an IMPACT Club facilitator which recruits, trains, coaches and supports the IMPACT Club leaders as they lead weekly meetings and nurture the growth of the adolescents in their clubs.


United States

10 IMPACT Clubs


30 IMPACT Clubs

Dominican Republic

4 IMPACT Clubs


122 IMPACT Clubs


16 WV IMPACT Clubs
4 ADPs


10 IMPACT Clubs


60 WV IMPACT Clubs
14 ADPs

Sri Lanka

10 IMPACT Clubs

Expected outcomes

The IMPACT Club model will reach approximately 550 adolescents and 3,000 indirect beneficiaries through 15 IMPACT Clubs over the life of a four year project. Participants will:

Learn skills in project management, self and group management, communication, innovation and creativity, and technical vocations.

Learn critical life, work readiness, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Improve positive self-concept, self-efficacy and agency.

Improve their likelihood of completing basic education and transitioning to further education, training and employment.

Reduce their likelihood of engaging in risk-taking behaviour.


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