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Where is Basedth?

The Basedth community is located in southern Cambodia’s Kampong Speu Province, about two-and-a-half hours’ drive from the capital Phnom Penh and about 50km from the nearest district town. The climate is hot and dry and the landscape is dominated by rice paddy fields.

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. It shares borders with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Phnom Penh is the capital city. The official language is Khmer, whilst French and English are also spoken. Over 95 percent of people are Buddhists.

Around 80 percent of Cambodians live in rural areas, making it one of the least urbanised countries in the world. Three quarters of the population earn their living from agriculture, fishing or forestry. Tourism is a major industry and exports include clothing, timber, rubber, rice, fish and tobacco.


Meet the Basedth community

Members of the Basedth community share the challenges they are facing and how together with World Vision they are working to create a brighter future for their children.

Community overview

Local economy

Eighty percent of families rely on seasonal rainfall to grow rice crops. But regular droughts and limited farming skills and resources lead to poor harvests and low incomes. Some families try to supplement their incomes through casual labouring jobs. Others migrate to urban areas or neighbouring countries to work in garment factories.

Day-to-day life

Most families live in houses built on wooden stilts to protect them from floods. Very few families own cars, so motorbikes and bicycles are the most common forms of transport. Football and volleyball are among the most popular sports for children. At harvest time, the community comes together for a traditional celebration meal and dancing.

Development challenges

Food shortages, lack of health knowledge, dirty water and poor hygiene all contribute to ill health and malnutrition amongst mothers and children. Education quality is low as schools lack basic facilities like toilets and playgrounds and many teachers lack skills and motivation. Many children drop out of school before reaching year nine to earn income for their families. 

We're making progress

World Vision is implementing an Area Development Program in the Basedth community to improve living standards and ensure that all families living there can meet their children’s needs now and in the future.

The program started in October 2015 and is expected to run for about 12-15 years. It aims to benefit more than 23,000 people spread across 46 villages in the Basedth District.


Most vulnerable families who can meet education costs without help


Women giving birth with the support of a trained health worker

There’s still much more to do

Great things have been achieved in the Basedth community, but there is still much left to do before all of the children living there have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. By partnering with the community, you will be supporting these development activities that focus on improving education, health and household incomes.


Improving learning resources and building teachers' skills.

Parenting skills education.

Supporting community and youth groups to raise awareness about child rights and child protection.


Improving access to healthcare and training health workers.

Supporting Village Health Groups to monitor children's growth and improve child nutrition.


Training local farmers in business skills.

Setting up and supporting village savings and loans groups.

Training vulnerable families in farming skills.


Increasing access to clean water.

Supporting families to build hygienic household toilets.

Hygiene education programs in schools and the wider community.

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