Community partnership

Connect with an overseas community to transform two worlds

Who says you can’t change the world?

Young people are capable of more than token acts of charity. When they come together, they are a powerful force; their passion to make the world better is the difference. By partnering with a community, young people can lead and inspire others to join them in working to create lasting change across the globe.


Become a community partner

Your school can help create lasting change in the world by partnering with a community in need.

Why partner with a community?


Your school can build a meaningful relationship with an overseas community, creating real change for your community and theirs.

Learn, lead and serve

Students will be empowered through leadership development, global education content and fundraising guidance to inspire others to work with them to create lasting change across the globe.


Students, teachers, parents, alumni and their networks can get involved as your school community unites around a common cause.

Communities seeking partners

There are communities in Africa and Asia who are ready and excited to partner with communities in Australia and work together with you to create a brighter future for vulnerable children.



Basedth, Cambodia

Basedth is a hot, dry rural area of southern Cambodia where most people earn a living from rice farming.

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Neluwa, Sri Lanka

Neluwa is an area in southwest Sri Lanka where most people earn a living working on small tea estates.

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Chipapa, Zambia

Chipapa is a rural area in northern Zambia where most families rely on maize farming for their livelihoods.

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What does partnership involve?

As a community partner, your school will play a vital role by raising funds to support development activities in your chosen community. These activities are designed to create lasting change in the lives of the children and families who live there.

Your students will have opportunities to learn, lead and serve as they connect with your partner community and support their development.

Partnership includes digital communication, regular updates and progress reports from your partner community, and field trip opportunities. Your school will also be supported with relevant educational content and student leadership activities, fundraising guidance and resources, and an online fundraising platform. 

Your school can be a global change maker

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