Its a privilege to have the opportunity to visit and engage with so many incredible communities around the world. Communities open their homes and lives to us, and we want to respect and honour what a significant act that is.

When seeing people in disadvantaged situations, quite often the first reaction is to want to ‘fix’ it. That reaction is completely normal and most often comes from a great place. Having said this, sustainable change generally occurs when communities are empowered and focus is placed upon achieving clear attitudinal, relational and structural change. Often well intentioned actions fail to understand the the complexities of these issues and can sadly result in unintentional outcomes.

Supporting and empowering communities achieve their own unique vision is important in achieving effective and sustainable change. That’s where fundraising comes in!

We recognise that not everyone is a skilled development worker equipped to carry out development work- but everyone can play a significant role in development. The fundraising component to our trips is an exciting way for you to get involved with World Vision’s work and contribute to the transformation of the communities that you will visit.

Fundraising is one of the best ways for you to create a lasting change and help to end poverty. By becoming involved in this process, you are actively assisting in sustainable development and poverty alleviation in communities working with World Vision and helping to facilitate lasting change.

The funds raised are invested into the World Vision programs in the country that the trip is travelling to in line with the community's vision and plans for their development.

For most of our trips we ask participants to raise a specified minimum in one-off donations that will support a project they visit. Child sponsorships can also contribute to fundraising targets.

If you don’t have much or any experience in fundraising, that’s okay! We offer you support throughout the whole process including providing you with an online fundraising page, helping you grow your ideas and providing you with information and resources that you may need. The fundraising isn't just a pre-requisite for our trips; most participants enjoy the process and feel empowered when they see the projects that their fundraising has supported!

We are always impressed with the creativity of trip participants when it comes to fundraising. Some have run trivia nights, others have done fun runs, and others again have got many people within their networks to donate – the options are limited only by your imagination!

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