Overseas Experiences

Join a World Vision Overseas Experience and connect with, learn from and be inspired by the communities we partner with.

As global citizens, we recognise that each of us play a role in shaping the nature of our international community. Our belief is based on the idea of a shared humanity; we want to engage with communities across the world; to learn, share and recognise ourselves in each other.

World Vision Australia offers people with an interest in overseas community development the opportunity to participate in an overseas experience. Our trips enable participants to engage with and learn from communities and World Vision program staff in some of the countries where we work. Our programs are co-created with the communities we visit and designed to align with their goals.

Our Overseas Experiences allow trip participants to form life changing connections with the people they meet, gaining new insights and perspectives from community members, reflecting on personal beliefs and practices and gaining a greater understanding of another culture.

We feel privileged that we have the opportunity to visit these communities, and as such believe it is important to give back to them. Each participant helps to 'give back' by fundraising a nominated amount (prior to the trip) to contribute towards World Vision development projects in the communities we visit.

Your fundraising makes a difference in helping World Vision achieve sustainable development outcomes and overcome poverty and injustice.

Contact us at overseas@worldvision.com.au or call 03 9287 2430