How your sponsorship helps

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Conducting hygiene education and setting up hand-washing and teeth-brushing stations in five schools.


Children practise daily hygiene habits for good health.


Setting up and equipping libraries/reading rooms in five schools.


Schools are better resourced for teaching and learning.


Building irrigation schemes or small dams in four villages.


Farmers have access to water for rice and vegetable production.


Setting up revolving scheme to supply farmers with poultry, pigs, goats, fish and training in how to raise them.


Families can develop additional sources of food and income.
Thank you for your willingness to help with our work in the Xonnabouly District. We are working with the local community to make meaningful changes for children and their education.
Phonevilay Boualaphady
Xonnabouly Area Program Manager

Xonnabouly community updates

  • Revolving goat scheme takes off  

    Farmers throughout Xonnabouly are being trained in animal husbandry to provide them with an additional income source. A revolving scheme for goat distribution has been set up, where farmers who receive goats pay their animals’ first offspring back into the fund for distribution to other families. In 2016, the revolving fund received 14 new offspring in six months.

  • Community spearheads school renovations

    The community collaborated with local authorities to renovate primary schools in three villages during 2016. World Vision provided building materials that weren’t available locally, such as cement, gravel, sand, iron bars and roofing, and community members contributed wood and their labour. The renovations have drastically improved the learning environment for children in these villages.

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