How your sponsorship helps

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Conducting four community awareness sessions on family planning.


Parents can make more informed decisions about healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies.


Supporting community leaders to set up an ambulance service for pregnant women and newborns.


Mothers and infants have improved access to essential health services.


Training farmers on crop production and livestock raising.


Households gain new food and income sources.


Rehabilitating and building 12 irrigation canals.


Farmers have better access to water for crop production.
In order to reach the intended goal, there are strategic plans in place to improve household incomes, so that each household has the capacity to meet their basic needs, particularly, three meals per day, education and health services.
Dyanka Bilagambalaye
Nyakitonto Area Program Manager

Nyakitonto community updates

  • Vegetable farming takes off

    More than 351 farmers in the Nyakitonto community have received training in improved farming techniques, with many also receiving seeds to aid crop production. These farmers are part of 29 commercial producer groups that have been formed and supported to help increase household incomes. New equipment including drip irrigation kits is also helping them to grow vegetables such as onions, tomatoes and eggplants that are in high market demand.

  • Healthcare reaches remote villages

    In collaboration with the district council, the program is supporting monthly health outreach clinics in two villages in the community where the nearest health facility is a 40km walk away. A monthly average of 20 pregnant mothers and 250 children attend the clinics. Clinic staff are seeing improvements in the health and nutrition of the women and children attending.

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