How your sponsorship helps

Your donations help cover current project costs like these.



Running community meetings on land ownership and use of natural resources.


Natural resources are better managed to support improved livelihoods.


Leadership skills training for youth.


Youth can effectively lead children’s group activities.


Introducing organic pesticides, and grain processing and storage equipment.


Harvested crops are better managed to prevent waste and increase value.


Forming and training savings groups on money management.


Community members can access funds for income generation.
I would like to say that through your kind and generous contributions, the program will be able to address needs in the community including poverty, through economic empowerment.
Jonathan Lepoora
Mweiga Area Program Manager

Mweiga community updates

  • Incomes grow through self-help groups 

    Through self-help groups, an increasing number of community members are receiving support and training to grow more food and increase their incomes. The Mwireri self-help group received training, building supplies and seedlings to start growing tomatoes in greenhouses. “We harvest 300kgs of tomatoes per week,” says group member, Gladys. “… Our produce is of very high quality, therefore fetching a ready market. This has led us to winning tenders to supply tomatoes in supermarkets and colleges.”

  • More children gain vital ID documents

    The program is supporting families to attain birth certificates for their children. These are essential for them to access government services and crucial in family inheritance matters. This work is being done in partnership with local leaders and the Department of Births and Deaths Registration. To date, the percentage of children aged 0-5 with birth certificates has reached 47.1 percent, up from 40.1 percent in 2012.

Other communities you can sponsor

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