How your sponsorship helps

Your donations help cover current project costs like these.



3-day training session for 18 health and nutrition educators.


Increased health and nutrition knowledge amongst mothers and caregivers of children under five.


Establishing a local network to respond to child abuse and exploitation.


The community is well organised to protect children from harm.


Capacity building for team leaders to support and train community hygiene educators.


Community members have learned about hygiene and safe water use.


Building four public toilets and repairing two others.


Improved hygiene and increased dignity for community members.
We, the Mirpur team believe that you are the main driving force to achieve these goals and without your support it’s not possible to achieve any one efficiently.
Monju Maria Palma
Mirpur Area Program Manager

Mirpur community updates

  • 270 households tap into city water supply 

    In 2016, four neighbourhoods comprising 270 households successfully campaigned for legal water connection to the Dhaka city water supply. “I am not able to express how much happy I am today,” said community member Jamila, aged 65. “I spent most of the time of my life to collect water from different areas of Mirpur, which were illegal source. Now I am getting safe and legal water at my home.”

  • Focus on hygiene delivers strong results

    A 2016 survey showed 66 percent of households now practise hygienic waste disposal using household waste bins and community rubbish collection points. This increased from 30 percent in 2015 following hygiene and sanitation awareness raising activities. “Now I keep my house neat and clean and all of my community people also clean their surroundings, so my child does not suffer from diarrhoea now,” said community member Rani, aged 34.

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