How your sponsorship helps

Your donations help cover current project costs like these.



Training farmers on beekeeping and growing high value crops including vegetables, mushrooms and spices.


Farmers have the skills to increase food production and incomes.


Assessment of vocational skills appropriate for the program area.


Vulnerable families gain new opportunities to earn income.


Produce and procure locally relevant reading materials for pre-school and early primary school aged children. 


Children can improve their literacy at school and at home. 


Working with local health facilities to monitor child health via home visits, provide support for severely malnourished children, and conduct nutrition education. 


Children aged under five are healthy and well nourished.
With your support, World Vision will help create sustainable and meaningful change for the most vulnerable families in Chisapani, working to address some of the root causes of the challenges facing them.
Dhruba Gurmachhan
Chisapani Area Program Manager

Chisapani community updates

  • Health outreach clinics up and running 

    Five previously inactive health outreach clinics in the project area have resumed operations. Project staff met with local health officials to determine why the clinics had stopped operating and coordinated with health facilities to ensure they had the support and equipment needed to function. Outreach clinics provide vital health services and education for families living in remote areas and are held monthly at a fixed location.

  • Farmers growing market-ready produce

    52 community members have made the pivotal shift from subsistence farming to commercial vegetable farming. After taking part in crop production training delivered by the project, these farmers – 65 percent of the training group – have begun using the skills they learned to grow market-ready produce. They are now extending their farmland to make room for more crops.

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