How we work

We work closely with a community for up to 15 years on projects determined by their own priorities. These can address needs in areas including livelihoods, healthcare, water, education, child protection and reducing disaster risks. We involve local leaders and community groups from the beginning and build partnerships to drive local development.

Listen to the community to understand their needs and strengths

Agree on long-term solutions that address their challenges

Develop an action plan and set measurable targets together

Work begins, partnering with government and community groups

Community members gain knowledge and skills and new leaders emerge

Unity and sense of purpose grow

Measure progress against targets

Evaluate what’s working and what’s not

Adjust action plan if needed

The community develops a plan to sustain what’s been achieved

Together we celebrate and reflect on positive outcomes

World Vision moves to another community in need

When it’s time for us to leave, our aim is that all children and families in the area are healthier, better able to meet their own needs, and ready to continue with their own development.