Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation is creating real change in Australia.

World Vision has exciting opportunities within our organisation to build on public goodwill and enthusiasm to see improved relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Our 2016-18 RAP challenges and empowers all World Vision employees to take action within their own spheres of influence, and to make reconciliation personal. 

We are making a strategic investment to help realise in our own backyard the vision of life in all its fullness for every child.


World Vision's work in Australia

World Vision CEO Tim Costello speaks about how World Vision has been working with Indigenous communities in Australia for over 30 years. Through strong partnerships we support development programs that are child-focused, and promote early childhood learning, youth leadership, skills training and development for Indigenous children and families. World Vision links hands with Indigenous partners to find local solutions for local needs. We empower people to run the programs that they want to see in communities. "You can make a difference that you can be proud of," says Tim. Giving to the Australia Program to support communities "right here in our homeland".
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