Our Policies

This section outlines in detail our administrative policies and procedures in the following areas:

  • Child protection
    Our policies regarding child protection, image use and more.
  • Code of Conduct When With Children
    Requirements for people, whether employee, volunteer or visitor, spending time with children.
  • Privacy and security
    Personal information storage and disclosure.
  • Transparency policy
    World Visions’ Open Information Policy, which describes the approach we take to accountability and transparency.
  • Complaints policy
    How we listen and respond to concerns and complaints from our supporters, partners and the communities we serve.
  • Environmental policy
    This is World Vision Australia's policy on how we might reduce the negative, and increase the positive, envrionmental impacts of our operations.
  • Reconciliation Action Plan
    World Vision's commitment to reconciliation - and how it's implementing this across the organisation. 
  • Theology of Accountability 
    A brief theological reflection on Improved Accountability at World Vision.
  • Website Rules
    Logos, links and general website use.
  • Non-Development Activity Statement
    The purpose of the Non-Development Activity Statement is to guide WVA and its partners to make a clear separation between development and humanitarian and non- development objectives and activities.
  • Tap.Give.Change. Service Agreement
    This service agreement covers areas including the handling of receipts and errors as well as information privacy.

Purchase order items

World Vision Australia has developed standard purchase terms for our suppliers. These terms are referred to on all World Vision purchase orders, and are available to download.

Purchase Order Terms
.pdf file (89.94 KB) September 23, 2009

You can also access information on our program policies and reports in the following areas:

For annual reports and financial statements specific to World Vision Australia, please refer to our annual reports page.