Empowering the voices of Indigenous youth

Partner with us to develop future leaders in Australia

Empowering the voices of Indigenous youth

Partner with us to develop future leaders in Australia

Young Mob

Having a strong cultural identity and connection to country is vital to the health, social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous youth. Many Indigenous students struggle with their confidence, self-esteem and self-identity and often don’t finish Year 12.

Through the Young Mob Program, Indigenous students have increased their knowledge and deepened their understanding of their culture. This has enabled them to improve their confidence, personal growth and ongoing development for life, education and work.

Young mob participant learning traditional painting

In 2018, the Young Mob program expanded into more schools than ever before with more camps and trips delivered with our partner, the Aboriginal organisation First Hand Solutions. Participants have built on their life skills, increased their school engagement and are more empowered and excited as they confidently step up and take on opportunities focused on their future.

They are now looking towards a brighter future, positively engaging with the world around them. In turn, many schools have increased their cultural knowledge and understanding of its importance and are more inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 

Meet a facilitator: Mark

Mark is a proud Gamilaroi and Ngemba man. He is also a facilitator in the Young Mob program, having begun as a participant a few years back.

Facilitators like Mark go out to schools and run a ten-week program with Indigenous youth. The program helps engage Indigenous students in topics that can help them positively engage the world around them, diving into topics like identity, culture, strong spirit, social justice and public speaking.

Mark also brings Indigenous young leaders in the Young Mob program on camps out to the bush, where they can experience their own land and culture first-hand. Most of the youth who come out on the camps live in cities like Sydney, and aren’t necessarily familiar with their tribe, totems or what it takes to be a leader for their community.

Mark, a facilitator in the young mob program

"It’s important because Aboriginal people in the past have been shunned upon," Mark says. "So making these kids strong within themselves and within their culture and making them proud Aboriginal people is the main goal for us."

Young Mob is an opportunity for these young people to build confidence, to confront difficulties and to experience their culture first-hand. These are skills and experiences that Indigenous young people can carry with them back home – and for life.  

“We’ve had so many kids come through our program who started off shy or getting in trouble at school,” Mark says. “But this program gives you an attitude towards life, it opens you up not only to becoming a leader and learning about public speaking, but also opens you up to your culture as well. 

“We want to build future leaders and future role models and this program is a perfect thing for that.” 

Our work

When you support World Vision’s work in Australia, you are helping strengthen partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. 

We adapt our successful community-led development approach from around the world to partner with Indigenous communities, charities and organisations to help support them to lead their own development and realise their own goals. 

You can be a part of this journey and a part of our shared story – connecting with and listening to the voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Together, we can create stronger future for all. 

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Young aboriginals learning traditional skills

We want to build future leaders and future role models and this program is a perfect thing for that.

- Mark, facilitator in the Young Mob program