Top 10 philanthropy gift ideas in Australia

Share the spirit of generosity through a charity gift that gives back in a big way.

Top 10 philanthropy gift ideas in Australia

Share the spirit of generosity through a charity gift that gives back in a big way.

Choose gifts that give back

One of the greatest joys in life is the joy of giving. It’s about the creation of shared memories and experiences – a mutual spirit of generosity. And when you choose to give philanthropic gifts, you share that spirit of generosity with those who need it most. By giving a major charity gift, not only do you bring joy to your friends, family or business partners, you help deliver lasting change to struggling families.

By choosing to give a World Vision philanthropic gift, you are partnering with us to help deliver our vital programming to communities around the world. Previously, the purchase of World Vision Gifts has helped contribute to projects such as establishing five new early childhood centres in Timor-Leste, benefitting 961 children, increasing access to food for 3,797 families in Burundi, and providing clean water for 5,814 people in Myanmar. 

Philanthropy in Australia plays a critical role in supporting humanitarian efforts both here and overseas. But knowing how to give so that you make a big impact can be confusing. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 premium philanthropy gift ideas. They’re charity giving gifts that will help you create long-lasting change, supporting communities to lift themselves from poverty and build bright futures for their children.

Our picks for the best philanthropic gifts

Top 10 bestsellers

1. Top 10 bestsellers

Go for our most popular philanthropic gifts. Choose our bestsellers bundle with 10 of our most popular gifts that help us deliver hope and change to communities in need.

Gifts in this bundle include a goat, clean drinking water, childhood immunisation and education for a girl – plus more! This bundle will arrive at your door in a specially-designed gift box to give to your loved ones, containing one gift card for each gift in the bundle.

The wide range of gifts in this bundle makes this a great present for special occasions including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday, or Christmas.

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Family essentials

2. Family essentials

Searching for philanthropic holiday gifts? This bundle is the perfect major gift to give in the holiday season – a time when families in Australia are coming together.

For struggling families around the world, days of celebration can be especially difficult. And with 767 million people living on less than $1.90 a day, many parents find it hard to provide adequate nutrition, healthcare and education for their children. But you can help make a world of difference for families in need, by purchasing this bundle of eight gifts that will support families to survive and thrive.

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A stable of animals

3. Help fill a stable

Looking for philanthropic Christmas gift ideas? This is the perfect charity gift that has it all! When you give this gift, you’ll be helping to provide a range of farmyard animals like piglets, cows, goats, chickens and ducks to a family in need.

Animals play an important role in lifting families out of poverty. They can provide a source of income, small business opportunities, long-term investment options and a source of nutrition to help children grow up healthy and strong. So you won’t just be helping families with their short-term needs, you’ll be helping them create sustainable, life-long change.

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Immunisation for 3800 children

4. Immunisation for 3,800 children

We’ve got the perfect charity gift for mum, whether it’s for her birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas! Protecting the health of infants is vital and when you purchase this gift, you’ll be helping us deliver immunisations to 3,800 children around the world.

With 1.5 million children under five still dying from vaccine-preventable diseases each year, this gift can help make a truly life-changing difference.

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5. Improved farming and nutrition for 279 people

With this gift, you'll help 279 farmers and families gain the skills and resources required to sustainably increase the quantity and quality of their produce. With bigger and better harvests, families can meet their nutrition needs all year round and provide their children with education, healthcare and a future full of possibilities.

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Clean water supply for 60 communities

6. Clean water supply for 60 communities

Looking for a philanthropic gift that gives back on a large scale? Give the gift of clean water to not one, but 60 communities! It’s one of our largest philanthropic gifts – a gift that lasts a lifetime not just for the person who receives it, but for communities around the world.

World Vision is now providing clean water to one new person every 10 seconds and when you give this gift, you and your loved one will be a part of that incredible change.

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Shelter for 6,240 people in crisis

7. Shelter for 6,420 people in crisis

Worldwide, 68.5 million people have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict or disaster. That’s the highest number of displaced people in recorded history. Humanitarian crises in Syria, Myanmar, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of the Congo – among others – are having a devastating impact on people’s lives.

When you buy the gift of shelter for people in crisis, you’ll be helping provide comfort to children and families who have lost everything.

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A year of curriculum for 55 school children

8. A year of curriculum for 55 school children

This year UNESCO reported that one in five children worldwide is out of school. So if you’re thinking about donating to a charity, why not choose to give 55 school children a whole year of curriculum? You’ll help them to expand their minds and build futures full of opportunity – futures where they can achieve goals they’d never previously dreamed of.

And because reducing global poverty and education are interconnected, you’ll be helping low income families to lift themselves from poverty and break the cycle – for good.

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Empower indigenous australians

9. Empower Indigenous Australians

Looking for corporate philanthropy ideas for Australian business partners? Why not give the gift of empowerment for Indigenous communities? Since 1974, World Vision has been invited to partner with Indigenous communities and organisations to support them to lead their own development and realise their own goals.

Through our Australia Program, we work in partnership with communities to help empower them to take on challenges such as widespread inequality, discrimination and cultural disconnection. When you give this gift, both you and the recipient will be a part of this important change.  

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Clean water for a community

10. Clean water for a community

Is there anything more life-changing than clean water? It’s something we take for granted in Australia – but did you know that dirty water and poor sanitation is the leading cause of diarrhoea? And diarrhoea is the second biggest cause of death among children under five, killing 760,000 children each year. 

When you choose this gift, you’ll help us provide a range of clean water solutions for a community, including things like repairing pipes, sinking boreholes, putting in handwashing stations and conducting hygiene education. You’ll be helping us to sustainably deliver life’s most fundamental necessity – now that’s lasting change.

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Need more philanthropy ideas? Consider a partnership with us to get involved in helping eliminate poverty and its causes. World Vision partners with people like you who share our desire to create a better and fairer world for children – especially the most vulnerable.
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Whether you partner with us or choose to give through charity gifts, you’ll leave a life-changing legacy. You can also do this by remembering World Vision in your Will. Gifts in Wills to charities are an incredible way to make a significant difference for those who need it most.
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