There are many times throughout the year when gift giving is a way to mark a special occasion. Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are occasions that quickly come to mind. There are of course others throughout the world who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to celebrate these special days in quite the same way.

While World Vision truly believes in celebrating these special occasions, we also believe they are an excellent opportunity to share the spirit of generosity by helping others overcome hunger, poverty and injustice.

By choosing a charity gift that has the power to change a world, you can help provide a vulnerable family and their community with a life-changing donation, making our gifts an absolute must-have at a special time of year.

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Categories of our top 20 gifts

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Animals and agriculture

Give the gift of giving with World Vision's choice of livestock gifts as well as fast-growing seeds that will provide families with nutritious crops.

A Goat

1. A goat

Donating a goat is truly unique gift, even though it might seem a little difficult to wrap at first. Female goats can produce up to 16 cups of milk a day. Any surplus milk can be made into cheese or yoghurt to sell for income. With a typical lifespan of 9-12 years, female goats usually give birth to one or two offspring a year – no kidding.

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Chicken and eggs

2. Chickens & eggs

Let’s face it, no one really cares about whether the chicken or the egg came first. But what we do care about is a chicken can produce 1,000 eggs a year, helping provide children and families with a convenient source of protein. Donating two chickens as a gift can also help families with an egg-cellent source of income.

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3. A piglet

This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy stayed home to produce up to 12 piglets a year, providing an additional source of income. Give a porky pig as a gift and it will also produce natural fertiliser ideal for vegetable gardens, helping increase the size of the crops.

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A fish farm

4. A fish farm

There’s nothing fishy about buying gift that provides an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals for growing children. There’s also the added benefit of giving struggling families an opportunity to develop an extra source of income when you donate a fish farm as a gift.

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Fast growing seeds

5. Fast-growing seeds

We all know it’s important to eat all your veggies. Donate this gift of specially selected seeds to help parents provide vital nourishment for their children, with rice, carrots, peas and potatoes for a healthy start in life.

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A Llama

6. A Llama

This funny-looking furry friend is a wonderful asset for a struggling family. A llama can help carry water, food and firewood, and can also be a source of wool and protein.

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Clean water

Clean drinking water

7. Clean drinking water

It’s pretty simple really, clean water helps to bring good health to struggling families. Dirty water is common in developing countries, but by digging wells and building boreholes, communities no longer risk contracting deadly waterborne illnesses.

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Water and sanitation

8. Water and sanitation

Clean water that is safe to drink and toilets for improved sanitation mean that communities are at less risk of contracting serious waterborne illnesses. In sub-Saharan Africa, Central and West Africa, Indonesia and Myanmar, the need for clean water and sanitation is acute, and remain key in breaking free from poverty.

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Train a teacher

9. Train a teacher

Most of us have been fortunate enough to know how inspiring teachers can be. A trained and qualified teacher can make all the difference through educating and inspiring children. You can support the education of children living in poor communities with gifts from a charity that knows this is our most powerful weapon in the fight against poverty.

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Send a girl to school

10. Send a girl to school

Many girls in developing countries are unable to continue their education beyond the age of ten, forced into work, and often into early marriage by the age of 15. By supporting a girl’s education you can help her to finish school and earn a decent living, breaking the cycle of poverty.

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School books

11. School books

Learning materials like books often become treasured possessions and mean so much to children with so little. Harnessing this eagerness to learn is one of the best ways for children to reach their potential, get a job in the future and provide for their families.

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School pencils

12. School pencils

The pen (or pencil in this case) is mightier than the sword, helping kids to write and draw their way to a future full of opportunity. Most schools in poor communities, struggle to provide students with this most basic of learning tools such as pencils and exercise books.

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Emergency food for children

13. Emergency food for children

Emergency food helps reduce and prevent malnutrition in young children already affected by conflict, or, as in Central Sulawesi Province Indonesia, following an earthquake and tsunami. Helping them to recover and remain healthy can reduce one source of stress for parents and families in a time of trauma and uncertainty.

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Temporary housing for families

14. Emergency shelter

Help keep families dry, protected and together during the toughest of times. When a natural disaster strikes, such as monsoon rains, temporary housing is critically important - for instance, for the 1.2 million refugees (with 900,000 from Rohingya) currently sheltering in Cox’s Bazar.

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Emergency medical kits

15. Emergency medical kits

Where there’s conflict, such as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or a natural disaster, a minor cut or bruise can quickly become much more serious – especially for a child. By having first aid kits readily available containing antiseptic, band-aids and bandages, parents can prevent infection and more serious complications developing.

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Empowering women

Help a woman start a business

16. Help a woman start a business

Like Beyonce sings, “Who runs the world? Girls!!” By equipping a woman with the skills, knowledge and access to low interest loans she can start a small business. In time she can provide for herself, her family and other women in her community, directly addressing gender inequality.

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Childhood immunisation

17. Childhood immunisation

Protect infants from deadly diseases such as polio, tetanus and tuberculosis and save these precious young lives through the simple act of immunisation.

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Mosquito nets for a family

18. Mosquito nets for a family

Buzzing mossies are more than just annoying - in developing countries they’re deadly. These repellent-treated mosquito nets drastically reduce the threat posed by malaria-ridden mosquitos. Plus they help children and their familiesget a great night’s sleep.

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Indigenous empowerment

Job training for Indigenous women

19. Job training for Indigenous women

The first 1,000 days in a child’s life are critical in determining the likely course of his/her life, further confirmation that a good start in life is a must-have. By supporting Indigenous Australians to become early childhood development workers, you can help provide early learning opportunities for Indigenous children and their mothers.

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Early learning for Indigenous children

20. Early learning for Indigenous children

Help ensure Indigenous children have a better start in life through access to community playgroups that also give families access to a vital source of early childhood support and education.

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