Meeting Supisara: “One of the best days we have ever had”

World Vision child sponsor Gioia (above right) and her husband Geoffrey recently travelled to the Lam Thap project in Thailand to meet their sponsored child Supisara (above left). As you also sponsor a child from Thailand, we thought you might like to hear from Gioia about her trip.

“It was an absolutely sensational day. When we got to Lam Thap we headed to the World Vision office where the staff gave us an overview of their work in the region. We learnt that our input is helping to provide kids with their educational needs including school uniforms and school backpacks. We also saw some examples of World Vision’s investment in helping communities improve their economies, such as a project which has helped develop a business that manufactures soaps and moisturisers.

After this, we all piled into the transport and went off to meet Supisara at her school. It was only her third day of high school. What an eventful week she must have had with us turning up as well! 

When our little van pulled up at the high school, there was Supisara out the front waiting for us - I was so excited, I jumped out of the van and gave her a big hug. All her mates were watching and she was a little nervous - I can imagine how she must have felt.

Then we met Supisara’s teachers and the school principal who spoke good English. I wished I could say more than ’hello’ in Thai so that I could have a conversation with Supisara.

Then we took Supisara to lunch, along with our World Vision friends. It was wonderfully delicious and it was great to be able to spend some time with the locals. Afterwards, we headed to the primary school that Supisara had just graduated from.

The primary school has about 100 children. Our visit caused quite a bit of commotion as we were the first foreigners to have visited the school. The children were very keen to try out their English speaking skills on us, so we visited each classroom to have a conversation with the pupils.

It turned into quite a comedy because as we left one classroom to go to the next, all the children dashed out of their room and into the next room we were visiting. They thought it was hilarious, we had lots of laughs and the teacher gave up trying to contain them! 

We met Supisara’s mother, father and grandmother, and sat down to chat through our interpreters.

It was then that Supisara’s mum pulled out a little gold wrapped gift box and handed it to me. Inside was a beautiful gold framed photo of Supisara. I was so moved by this beautiful gesture. The photo occupies pride of place in my lounge room now.

All great days must come to an end and as we headed back to the hotel we reflected on what was one of the best days we have ever had.

It is truly a privilege to be able to support and help communities like the one in Lam Thap through World Vision.”