Learning the benefit of education

World Vision Australia’s Stella Kuzmicki shares her experience about her recent trip to Mongolia to assess and report back on the impact of our programs on the children and community. As you sponsor a child in Mongolia, we thought you might be interested in what Stella saw.

When I am asked about highlights of my trip to Mongolia, there is one moment that really stands out for me: The power of meeting face-to-face with children is incredible.

I was blown away the moment I met Narankhand, a 12-year-old budding journalist. On this day, we entered a school classroom greeted by twenty hopeful faces. She approached us without hesitation and we were taken by surprise as she began to interview us on our experiences in Mongolia. I was so inspired by her self-confidence and passion for learning. Narankhand is part of a Young Journalist Club at her school and dreams of becoming a journalist.

The club is part of an Education Project, one of the many programs enabled by Sponsorship funding to promote child participation, development and self-confidence.

Narankhand is so grateful to be part of the club. She said, “I am happy that World Vision Australia provides things like a video and microphone so I can learn”.

When I asked Narankhand and her friends what they liked most about being sponsored, they all replied that they enjoy receiving letters from their sponsors and learning about Australian culture, especially hearing about kangaroos.

When I asked if they had any messages for sponsors back home, they all echoed in their reply, “Say thank you and I love you”. I was amazed, did they really just say I love you? I think my colleague saw the stunned look in my face so she translated, “I love you, like parents”.

Words couldn’t describe how incredible and touching it was to hear just how connected these girls felt to their sponsors.

I can see that these children have been transformed through Child Sponsorship. The Young Journalist Club has helped give Narankhand and other children confidence, a voice and a vision. All of this could not be possible without your generosity to give girls like Narankhand a chance at a brighter future.

Seeing the promise in these girls and the impact they can have on their community is inspiring. I think of Narankhand daily now that I’m back at my desk. She is my motivation and a constant reminder that we can make a difference in this world.