Jerusalem West Bank Gaza: What your support has meant for the children and families affected by conflict

By Daryl Crowden, (Acting) Manager, Field Relations

A year has passed since the end of the war (Operation Protective Edge) on Gaza. In North Gaza, where Australian supporters like you sponsor over 3,500 children, the scars of destruction that are a result of the bombings and fighting are still an everyday reality for children. During the 50 day war, 551 Gazan children were killed and many more were injured. Over 12,620 homes were completely destroyed and despite the international communities’ promises to Gaza and her people at the 2014 “Reconstructing Gaza” Conference in Cairo, not one house has been rebuilt yet, with many of those belonging to sponsored children and their families. Too many of our children have suffered the agonising loss of loved ones.

In North Gaza alone three Australian sponsored children were killed in the conflict and most sponsored children needed to relocate, some multiple times, because of the fighting. For those children of six years of age or more, this was the third war they have lived through.

To date, 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza remain displaced, living in dire conditions in schools and shelters with extremely poor conditions and over 300,000 children are still in need of immediate psychosocial support.


Jerusalem West Bank Gaza: Recovery efforts so far – thanks to you

With the help of World Vision staff, children within our sponsorship program in Jerusalem West Bank Gaza came together to film and release a video hoping people like you will continue to remember and support them.


Australian sponsorship is contributing to recovery efforts

Since the end of February, World Vision Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza has been providing early recovery interventions to approximately 90,000 people. 1,389 farms owned by families of children you sponsor have been rehabilitated. In addition, 195 households have benefited from the installation and rehabilitation of water wells and 235 fishermen were provided with fishing kits to help resume their fishing livelihoods. World Vision continues to support 70 youth entrepreneurs to re-establish their small business projects so that they too can contribute to family income.

But recovery is a long way from finished; children are calling for the right to live in safety, for a life free from violence, fear and need. Late last year with the help of World Vision staff, children who have benefited from our sponsorship program came together to film and release a video hoping people like you will continue to remember and support them.

World Vision takes inspiration from the children and continues to call for an immediate halt to the vicious cycle of violence and for a lasting and just peace in the region. We plead for all children – be they Palestinian or Israeli – to be free of the ubiquitous suffering caused by the indiscriminate fear and anxiety due to the ongoing cycles of violence.

Through psychosocial support, food aid and hygiene kits delivered after the 2014 war, World Vision has assisted more than 100,000 people, but the United Nations estimates more than 370,000 children are in need of further psychosocial support. Your continued support is critical to helping children respond to their suffering – but even more than that – to help them realise their hopes and dreams.