Graduating into a brighter future

Nogoye, a widow and mother of five, is from an area in Senegal where World Vision works. Since you sponsor a Senegalese child, we thought you might like to hear how her life has changed.

"Hi, my name Nogoye. I used to work as an assistant in the preschool in my village where I helped to look after the children. I had done this work without training or qualification for three years.

When my husband died, I had to quit my job. I had not enough resources to care for my five children. I found it very difficult to feed, clothe or pay their school supplies and medical prescriptions. Then a team from World Vision came to visit the children, and my mother told them about my situation.

"World Vision asked me if I wanted my three-year-old twins to be part of the sponsorship program. I agreed and now my two twins have benefited from immunisations and nutrition at the health centre."

My mother joined a savings group in the village where she was able to get a loan for small business activities. In addition, I joined a training course for staff in children clubs with the financial support of World Vision. Thanks to their support, I will benefit from a diploma in child care that I can use to find a job.

Today, my mother and I are able to meet the basic needs of my children, thanks to the support of World Vision. And, I know that with my degree, I am more equipped to face the future."