Rebuilding lives in northern Sri Lanka

Rebuilding lives in northern Sri Lanka

On 21 December 2018, 123,721 residents were forced to flee their homes when heavy rainfall caused flooding in northern Sri Lanka. 474 houses were completely damaged and over 4,522 houses were partially damaged. Farmers have taken the brunt of the disaster with acres of crops and farmland destroyed. Others face the challenge of finding safe drinking water among contaminated wells.

With the coming of the new year, 39,856 families have returned home and are now trying to regain what was taken away by the floods.

After conducting initial assessments World Vision found that the most essential needs of the affected communities are food security, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). At this stage, farmers are desperately looking for ways to recover their primary source of income – their fields. Schools are also in need of supplies to sustain the education of children in affected areas.

Even with relief efforts underway, the threat of a waterborne disease outbreak still remains. Mosquito nets and dengue fever prevention measures are an urgent requirement in homes, schools and public places.


World Vision reaching flood victims with tarpaulin sheets, mosquito nets, bed sheets, mattresses, mats and food provisions.

As of 7 January 2019, World Vision has been able to help 3,000 affected families but requires more support to meet the food and income requirements of a further 3,750 families. A long-term recovery response plan has been put in place to help make these vulnerable communities disaster-ready.

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