What are Visionary Schools?

World Vision is launching Young Visionaries, our new high school programme for students who want to make a real difference. These student groups will be empowered to lead personal and collective action in their school. Young Visionaries helps students to engage business and society on global issues as responsible citizens. With teachers and World Vision supporting them, young people can become powerful change-makers! Is your school a visionary school?


Help the world’s most vulnerable young people. Join with school students all over Australia to take action and lead real change by starting a Young Visionaries group at your school. You can make a difference, starting today. Are you in?


Teachers see visionaries in every school. Students who want to lead global change, but aren’t sure how. Connect your visionaries to a movement that changes lives in Australia and the world. Start your Young Visionaries group today.

Join a movement of young people with a vision for global justice, refugee safety and the end of poverty in our lifetime.

Young Visionaries Alumni

Who are we?

We are the national youth movement of World Vision, committed to taking action on the biggest issues facing our world. We know that working together is better than working alone, so Young Visionaries brings together vibrant, diverse school communities of like-minded young people to build each other up, work together strategically, and create lasting change where it’s needed most. We have a vision for change, starting with our own schools, universities, and communities.

Here's what we're up to:

Become a Young Visionary and tackle global justice issues Join us

What do our dreams really mean?

Young Visionaries Campaign Video

World Day Against Child Labour

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