Zambia ranks among the highest levels of poverty
and inequality globally.


In Zambia, some children have no choice
but to walk up to 18km to get to school.


In 2019 World Vision helped build a school in Zambia,
providing education to 2,144 children.



For the first time children can choose their sponsors,
transforming their lives – and yours.


After you sign up, we’ll send your photo to a community in need in Zambia.
There, we’ll host a choosing party.


One little girl at the most recent Choosing Party said she
‘didn’t feel worthy’ of walking down the red carpet.



Many children are waiting for the opportunity to choose
their lifelong friend
at the next Choosing Party.


‘He made that choice and he chose me.’
– Dee, Chosen Sponsor.


Next Choosing Party
XX November 2020
in Zambia

Your reveal image will arrive approximately 7 days
after the Choosing Party.


Most children wait over 2 years to be sponsored.


This Christmas, you could light up their life by
sponsoring a child and sending them a Christmas card.