22 underage girls are married every 60 seconds.


Teriano was promised to marry a man 23 years older than her, in exchange for five cows.


Teriano's life changed when she was sponsored by Stuart from NSW.


Teriano was the first person in her village to graduate from university.


She also helped to provide 58 scholarships to the most at-risk girls and boys in her community.


115 under-age girls have been married
in the last five minutes.



Vinita’s parents planned for her to marry at 17 and work in the paddy fields.
World Vision helped Vinita pursue her education and she is now a nurse. - India


Marlene was orphaned in the Rwandan Genocide. Through child sponsorship, Marlene became a teacher in her community. - Rwanda


Choity dropped out of school at age 13 to work two jobs and earn $10 a month.
With training and a sewing machine, she now runs her own business. - Bangladesh


Because of sponsors like you, Boubacar is now a part of new educational programs
and reading clubs that benefit his entire community. - Senegal