1 billion people worldwide, or 15% of the population experience a form of disability!

Help us sponsor children living with a disability and break down these barriers.

Limitations to access can be due to affordability of medical care and assistive technologies, schools and health facilities not being physically accessible and social exclusion.

World Vision is committed to supporting people with a disabilities in all of our programs.
We partner with communities, disability organisations and schools to improve access to education and healthcare, and currently, 814 children living with a disability across our programs are currently sponsored. Children like Boubacar.
Will you sponsor a child living with a disability today?

As a baby, Boubacar developed severe cataracts as a result of poor sanitation and malnutrition Boubacar recalls, ‘I would hear my friends saying ‘come and play’ but I couldn’t go. Boubacar’s limited vision was not all that impacted him. Within the community there was a lot of diarrhoea, children were not well, there was no school.

Together with the community, World Vision and Australian’s just like you have helped children in Boubacar’s community access clean water, their first community school, and their first health clinic. Child Sponsorship also meant Boubacar could access surgery – his sponsor gave him the gift of restored sight. Boubacar can see and play with his friends, and attend school – his future is not limited by his eyesight.

‘It is inconceivable when I see him and think of his past’ – Fatoumata, Boubacar’s Mother.
Can you sponsor a child living with a disability today?