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Creating a more peaceful world should be higher on every politician's agenda. Ask your MP for real action on your behalf. Fill in the below and you'll be using your democratic power to help lift Australia up to becoming a top-10 peace-building nation. Nice one peacebuilder!


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By sending my MP an Email as part of the Peace on Earth Pledge I'm stepping up my fight for justice by challenging systematic causes of poverty and inequality here and around the world.  Please email me opportunities to raise my voice and take similar actions with World Vision.

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The Peace on Earth Pledge is our way of asking Australians to unite with World Vision to prevent violence and conflict here and around the world - especially to protect vulnerable children.
In November 2019 we launched Crisis Averted, a report which outlines five steps the Australian Government can take to make us a global leader in conflict prevention and violence risk reduction.
Doing the #PeacePledge will help make Australia famous for our peacebuilding.

Peace Building Projects

World Vision's work around the globe to prevent conflict and violence in fragile countries

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