Syrian families face uncertain future

Help children and families fleeing violence in Syria


The generosity of strangers is now critical to the children and families who have fled the conflict in Syria.

Forced to leave behind everything they know, their future is uncertain. When asked to consider what lies ahead, many reply, "God only knows."

World Vision is asking Australia to help raise $1 million for Syrian Refugees by 31 October.

Over 6.8 million families have had to abandon their homes, friends, jobs, schools and warm beds since the bloodshed arrived on their doorsteps.

World Vision communicator in Lebanon, Patricia Mouamar, has interviewed many families who are now refugees. She has seen the devastating impact of the war. "All refugees seem to have one thing in common," she says, "It is a look of despair."

Patricia recalls asking a Syrian mother about the home she left behind. "I had a big house, with a big kitchen, a garden and a bed for each of my children," the mother replied. But their homes, jobs and dreams were shattered by the conflict.

Grieving the recent loss of her own father, Patricia was consoled by many of the refugees she had met. They showed her that, in spite of their own grief, "they care not only about their own loss, but also about the loss of others".

"I personally had the luxury of crying over my father’s tomb, and praying at his funeral," Patricia shares. But as she has learnt, many Syrians who have lost loved ones are denied this basic right. It is estimated that more than 100,000 lives have been lost in the conflict.

A refugee mother Patricia met recently explained: "I lost two sons in a bombing a few months back. I just received a call informing me of their death. I don't know whether they are buried or just thrown on the side of a street."

Sadly, it is the children who bear witness to this violence with more than half the refugees fleeing the conflict being children.

TOP: World Vision chief executive Tim Costello in Zaatari Refugee Camp with siblings, (l-r) Zachariah, Taleb, Mohammad and Alla'a. Mohammad’s stomach was ripped open and Alla'a sprayed with shrapnel when they were hit by artillery shells while playing in their backyard in Daraa, Syria; BOTTOM: World Vision Lebanon communicator, Patricia Mouamar, sits inside the shelter of a Syrian refugee family with one of the young children affected by the crisis. Photo: Amir Amirani/World Vision

The children and families who have fled the conflict in Syria have much to overcome.

Basic needs like shelter, food and clean water, and education for their children, are among their immediate needs.

Right now, World Vision is working with other aid agencies to build a refugee camp in Azraq, Jordan, which is expected to house over 110,000 refugees. You can donate to the Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal today and continue to pray for those caught up in the conflict. World Vision is also supporting catch up education classes, psychosocial assistance and so much more.

As we reflect this month about building for the kingdom of God, we consider Jesus explaining how to inherit the kingdom in Matthew 25. When we feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, care for the sick and visit the imprisoned, we are putting our faith in action.

Help us raise $1 million dollars this October for Syria. Consider how you can get your church involved: 

  • You can print the latest situation report and share with your congregation. 
  • View and show others the video message from World Vision ambassador, Mel Doyle. 
  • Share on Facebook news about Syria amongst your friends and ask them to share with their network by clicking the Facebook icon on this page. 
  • Email us if you would like support from one of our state Church Partnership Managers to help your church run a Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal. 
  • Please pray that people in their despair will be comforted, that a peaceful resolution will be found and that the conflict will end, and that children and families will be sheltered, fed and educated with their hope restored for a certain future.

Your support today is one way that the church can be involved in building for the kingdom. Thank you for your generosity.