Syrian refugees and children

More than four million people have fled the country and 6.6 million are displaced in Syria. More than half are children. You can make a difference to the children of Syria today.

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How can you help Syria's refugees?

Almost five years of conflict in Syria has left more than four million refugees seeking shelter in neighbouring countries, and countless more struggling to reach safety in Europe. An increasing number of those fleeing the conflict are unaccompanied Syrian children.  

In fact more than half of those caught up in the Syrian conflict are children. Many have lost family members, their homes and witnessed or experienced violence. They are also missing out on many things that children need in order to grow – an education, interaction with other children and safe, solid homes to go back to. Instead, they are scared and frustrated.

Those who have fled the situation in Syria are staying with host families in their country of refuge, in refugee camps or in makeshift accommodation such as garages, broken down buildings and in self-constructed tents. Living conditions in these accommodations are harsh, and families often struggle to access the essentials - food, clean water and shelter from weather conditions.

Fran Charles, Advocacy Director for World Vision’s Syria Response, said World Vision staff were working in an increasingly restricted humanitarian space, meaning greater difficulty in reaching children and families with the assistance they so desperately need.

“The international community must step up and use all diplomatic influence at its disposal to ensure these attacks stop and children and families can access lifesaving assistance,” she said. “International borders must also remain open for those fleeing conflict.”

Approaching six devastating years of fighting, there is still no end in sight to the crisis in Syria. This short, moving video highlights the struggles child refugees face on a daily basis.

World Vision works in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Syria to reach vulnerable Syrians and communities hosting them. It is challenging to reach those in need - a peaceful resolution is essential.


Sara's story - 'Shooting, fighting, dying: Syria is horrible' 




For $50

Food for a week

You could provide six refugee children with much needed basic food items

For $100

Essential baby supplies

You could provide three refugee families with essential items to care for their newborn baby such as baby powder, baby shampoo, re-usable baby nappies, and wet wipes

For $200

Children's education pack

You could provide six refugee children with an education pack including school supplies such as a backpack, notebook, pens and toothbrush





World Vision has also worked hard to accommodate the specific needs of Syrian children affected by the conflict by setting up  Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) in refugee camps in Jordan and Iraq. Learn more about Child Friendly Spaces here.


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