Help raise $1 million for Syrian refugees

Help children and families fleeing violence in Syria


The crisis in Syria has, sadly, no end in sight

In October, with the help of media partners and World Vision Ambassador Mel Doyle, we are urging Australia to come together to raise a million dollars to assist with much needed water, food and shelter for desperate families.

Help us raise $1 million in October | Syrian refugee crisis

The crisis in Syria continues with, sadly, no end in sight. More than 2 million Syrians have fled the crisis in their country. World Vision Ambassador Mel Doyle urges Australians to dig deep and help Syrian refugees today.
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What's happening now?

World Vision has already been able to help people caught up in the Syrian crisis, thanks to the generosity of our donors.

There are already operations in Lebanon, Jordan and within Syria, but the need is great and ongoing.

With the public’s support, it is our aim to raise $1 million in the month of October so that relief can be provided where it is needed most.

What will World Vision do with the $1 million?

We will be using these funds to help those who need it most in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

The projects may vary depending on what is needed most at the time, but so far World Vision has provided things like the following:

  • Access to clean water for drinking, washing and cooking

  • Shelter for families

  • Distribution of stoves, which double up as heating as well as cooking facilities

  • Essential hygiene items, such as nappies, toothpaste, tissues and other essentials

  • Education catch-up classes for children who have missed out on months, and sometimes years, of school

  • Safe spaces for mothers, children and teenagers

  • Primary healthcare

  • Cash assistance for urgent needs