Syria Crisis

Over nearly five years, fighting in Syria has reportedly killed 250,000 – 76,000 last year alone. More than four million people have fled the country and 6.6 million are displaced in Syria. More than half are children.

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Syria Conflict Explained

Almost five years of conflict in Syria has left four million refugees seeking shelter in neighbouring countries, and countless more struggling to reach safety in Europe. An increasing number of those fleeing the Syrian conflict are unaccompanied children. 

World Vision's Regional Director for the Middle East and Eastern Europe, Conny Lenneberg, said there were thousands of children making the journey from Syria on their own, with 8,000 in Serbia alone. 

"We know from experience they are vulnerable to trafficking, forced labour, prostitution and other forms of violence. Further, with Serbia’s harsh winter fast approaching, they lack adequate food, clothing and shelter,” Ms Lenneberg said.

Syrians are fleeing a protracted conflict in their country that has so far claimed 250,000 lives (according to the United Nations), left one million people injured and rendered 13.5 million people inside Syria in need of humanitarian assistance. Of those, more than 5.6 million are children.

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