Why is there an emergency in Kochore, Ethiopia?

Localised inter-communal violence spread across southwest Ethiopia in June 2018. This led to the displacement of over 800,000 people and the destruction of homes and infrastructure.

The Kochore community received an influx of displaced people, many taking shelter in schools, churches and bus stations.

Some families in Kochore have also welcomed displaced people into their homes. This means there’s more pressure on the community’s already limited resources.

The Ethiopian Government and regional authorities have been working together to resolve the conflict and enable families to go home.

What is the current situation?

In recent weeks, many families have started to go home, but on arrival they are finding their houses have been severely damaged or destroyed.

As Ethiopia’s annual wet season brings heavy rains to the region, families desperately need temporary shelter as they begin to rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

“Displaced families are struggling to survive,” explains Moussa Sangara, who is leading World Vision’s response to this crisis. “Some people are sleeping on the cold concrete floor with nothing warm to cover and being the cold and rainy season, they are extremely vulnerable to sickness.”

Displaced families wait in line to receive food rations at a World Vision distribution site in the Kochore community.

How is World Vision helping the people of Kochore?

Over the last 15 years, your support has helped the Kochore community build a brighter future for their children. Unfortunately, they are facing major new challenges because of the current crisis.

With your help, World Vision is continuing its commitment to the Kochore community in this time of great need.

We are working with local authorities to help the most vulnerable people who have been displaced from their homes, including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, families headed by children, the elderly and people living with a disability.

This has included the distribution of plastic sheeting to 6,650 families in the Kochore and Gedeb areas to enable them to build temporary shelters and stay protected from the cold and rain.

In addition to this, our team on the ground has supplied families with:

  • household items including blankets, sleeping mats and kitchen utensils;
  • hygiene items including soap and water purification tablets; and
  • food including flour, rice and cooking oil.

The Kochore community thank you for your continued support. We will provide you with another update on the situation in the coming weeks.